USA Cycling is the official cycling organization recognized by the USOC and is responsible for identifying, training and selecting cyclists to represent the United States in international competitions. USA Cycling, doing business as the USCF, NORBA, NCCA and USPRO, controls nearly two dozen major events each year and issues permits for up to 3,000 more.

The International Cycling Union (UCI), a non-profit-making organization founded on 14 April 1900, is the association of the National Cycling Federations. Its headquarters are in Aigle, Switzerland. Our mission states that the UCI means to develop and promote all aspects of cycling. This is because cycling is more than just a competitive sport. It is also a leisure activity and an environmentally friendly means of transport.

"You watched the world's best ski down our mountains during the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics; now join us this summer as North America's best professional cyclists ride back up in the 2006 Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, the toughest cycling event in America!"
The 2nd Annual Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, August 7 - 12, 2006, brings North America's top professional cyclists to Utah to compete in an elite six day road cycling stage race. Deemed "America's toughest cycling event" for the diverse terrain and unparalleled climbs, the Tour of Utah is one of the great annual American professional road races.

Thanks to its capacity to move to its fans, cycling and the Tour de France in particular is more than any other sport made for major meetings. The mixture of kinds, the association of different people have fully been part of the Tour's tradition for over a hundred years. That is why the idea to set up a a huge capacity event in the tradition of the large musical evenings that followed the "Grande Boucle" until the 70s, has naturally united the Tour organisers and the city of Dax.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist, Lance Armstrong, the LAF inspires and empowers people with cancer.
We believe that in the battle with cancer, unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything.
If you are looking for information about cancer or need help in dealing with cancer, explore our support resources.

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Inside Communications is a diversified sports publisher that publishes the leading sports magazines, VeloNews, Inside Triathlon and Ski Racing; produces event-specific glossy magazines such as the "Tour de France Guide"; offers interactive on-line services related to all titles; publishes books in the VeloPress division; operates the Velo merchandise catalog and e-commerce site; and organizes events such as the VeloSwap consumer expo. Our company is committed to marketing the passion of outdoor sports.

"This Team will raise the level of cycling as a sport in america!"
Chriss Wherry
2005 USPRO Road Champion

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