Team Capitol Subaru , OR - Pro MTB Team

Our riders, staff and sponsors work to build cycling participation and individual improvement through community awareness, event promotion, education, and competition.

“Rhnio Socks stood up to the grueling 7 stages wonderfully. You can read up on the daily blogs of the stages at We had so many mechanical problems it was stupid. Two out of the Seven days we went without mechanicals otherwise...Evan broke a rib on the second to last stage, we had 7 flats, two broken hubs, one chain and one headset. We ended up fifth but not quite what we were hoping for. Not one problem with the socks though, not one. Thank you so much once again for happy feet Rhino Socks!”

Shawn Schwantes, TX - Marathon Coach for Team In Training

Shawn is a running machine! When he isn't running or training at work with his students, he's on the road or trails almost every day with his marathon participants or on his new tri-bike gearing up for a century ride. Minimum mileage is out of the question for him. He doesn't stop until the last one is in.

“Rhino socks are by far, feet down, the best socks I have used; whether it’s on the road, trail, or on my bike, the comfort and structure is unmatched. They truly do fit great and go the distance. What’s impressive about Rhino socks is not only do they feel terrific; they have that panache that other socks don’t, their hip! So not only are you getting excellent comfort, you’re getting the grooviest socks to ever hit the market. Thanks Rhino Socks!”

Jan Shedeger of Reno, NV – Owner of Road Riders of Reno bike shop

“Rhinosocks are one of the best footwear products I have tried in years. They are extremely comfortable, my feet are never hot or cold and they stand up to washing after washing. With this kind of personal knowledge, our store has sold more Rhinosocks than I ever thought possible. Our customers are coming back and telling us how happy they are with this product and are telling their friends too. The Rhino Socks crew are very responsive to our orders,which are shipped timely and accurately. Thanks Rhino Socks!”

Bear Perrin, OR – 4th year Professional Mountain Biker.

He is riding for Kenda/Jamis focusing on the Western National Championship Races as well as other Major mountain bike races throughout the Western States. The Oregon State Series races has also been one of Bear's primary focuses where he has placed top three in the overall standings for the last few years. This Year Bear is also racing with the Etna Brewing/Desalvo Cycles Elite road team in between the mountain bike races. This years goals for Bear are: top ten Overall series for the NORBA championship series and overall champion for the Oregon State series.

“Hey there Archie,
It was great to meet you up at Brian Head. I told you I would test these comfy socks and that is exactly what I have done. I have put these things through every kind of terrain over the last two weeks and to my suprise... not one thing wrong with them still... Amazing! They are by far the most comfortable riding socks out there and I have never had socks take a beating like this. You have won me over. All we need is socks that say RHINO on them where other riders can read them... thank you again so much for the opportunity to be an ambassodor for you Archie, I will make you proud.
God Bless your socks off,
Bear Perrin"

"Hi Archie,
I am very pleased to tell you that I have taken these socks of yours through the ringer. Every possible chance of failure has been presented and they have come out with flying colors... well a little dirty\muddy but still they have held up where everyother sock has failed. I have been racing in three different cross series and wearing those socks of yours everywhere. Not one hole!! Thank you so much for making product that works.
Bear Perrin”

Margaret Grove, AZ – NORBA XC Women Sport Master

Margaret is a long time runner who has run the Boston Marathon twice and consistently places in the top five in local and regional races. She recently started mountain biking and won the Arizona State Championship, sport category, in her first year of racing. She has found that she loves the long distance events. The more suffering, the better!

“My first experience wearing Rhino socks was racing the NORBHA National Mountain Bike Marathon in Brianhead Utah. After racing 54 miles I went straight to the Rhino Socks booth and told them, "Your socks are amazing, my feet never fell asleep and felt great the entire 5 hours and 49 minutes!" I told them I couldn't wait to try running in them. Last week I raced the Imogene Pass Run in Ouray Colorado and I didn't get one blister - something that did not happen in last year's race. I've told all my cycling and running buddies they need to start wearing Rhino Socks.”

Gardie Jackson , Park City UT – Pro Biker and Professional Trainer

Gardie lives and trains in Park City, UT while working full time with his new gym and clients - check it out at Gardie has been a strength and conditioning coach for 12 years with certifications in numerous nationally recognized fitness methodologies (IFPA,USAW,FMW and Reebok). As a rider, Gardie stands out not only because of his fantastic time trialing and stage racing abilities, but also for his willingness to sacrifice himself for his teammates. He prides himself on his level of fitness and as a result is one of the finest solo breakaway riders. He has an eye for the right move which results in a very solid palmares, including multiple top 10 NRC results.

“I really enjoy the amazing comfort of the rhino socks! I know it seems a bit over the top to be so excited about socks but I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to comfort on the feet. After racing my road bike at the highest level of the sport for almost 10 years I know what works and what doesn't. Rhino socks have the reinforced heel and toe box, often stress areas I end up going through in about 1-2 months of hard racing. I also appreciate the design and colors that don't fade or begin to shred. Finally the elastic around the ankle holds up longer than any other sock that I have used. Thanks for making such a superior product. Keep them coming, I'll keep wearing them!”

Joe Johnson, UT – Mountain Bike enthusiast

Joe is an avid mountain biker who spends most his time downhill mountain biking in the Rocky Mountains of Utah.

“Rhino socks are awesome!!! When I am mountain biking, they provide the padding I need to keep my feet peddling. They are the best sock I have ever had on my feet. They are padded in just the right places, but thin enough to keep cool. I love the arch support and the instep comfort stip pad.”

Morgan J., UT – Triathlete, Marathon Runner, and Student (314 in picture to left)

Morgan is a raging ball of energy. When he is not in school he is either training for or participating in a marathon or a triathlon. He holds nothing back and demands the very best for his feet, thats why only Rhino Socks will do!

“These socks are awesome! The first time I used them I ran a 15 mile run and absolutely loved them. The toes and the heels are super comfy! Guaranteed I won't wear any other socks for my training and races. Thanks Rhino Socks!”

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